A Day in the Life: Student Social Media Assistant Sarah Davenport

Published on February 01, 2024

Guest post by Sarah Davenport

Eastern Kentucky University is highlighting the unique opportunities available for student employment positions through a series of Day in the Life articles. In this feature, senior public relations major and recreation and parks administration minor Sarah Davenport shares a first-person account of her experience working in social media with EKU’s Division of Communications and Brand Management (CBM). 

I have been working as a social media assistant for CBM since the beginning of my junior year. I had previously worked on campus in another position but was looking to do something more related to my major. I was fortunate enough to have heard about the position with CBM in a Design for Mass Media class, and I quickly jumped at the opportunity. 

Along with being a student worker on campus, I intern at Chenault Vineyards for event planning, and just completed my term as President for Chi Omega. 

This semester, my mornings are filled with classes: public relations and the arts, public relations campaigns, intro to food composition and preparation, resort recreation management, and senior seminar. I work for CBM after classes then head to Chenault in the evenings and on the weekends. 

My typical day in the office consists of helping to plan monthly content calendars, writing captions, finding popular trends, pulling photos and making graphics. I occasionally take photos for events on campus, help with video reel content and participate in photoshoots. What keeps this job so interesting is that each day is something new!

During this most recent homecoming, I was responsible for taking over EKU’s social media platforms. This was a daunting task since it was one of the biggest events the university hosts, but I was grateful to have been entrusted with the job. This allowed me to gain experience posting in real-time while working as a team with other members of the department. 

Working for CBM has allowed me to use my creativity and provided me with a greater understanding of all the preparation it takes to run a university social media account. A lot more work goes into it than people may think. Especially today, social media has such a powerful influence and this is the first impression people have of EKU. I have had to adapt my thinking to portray the type of image EKU wants to share and the best ways to highlight all the university has to offer. 

The best part about this job is seeing some of the content I created or helped create get posted on the university’s accounts. Other perks of working at EKU are the flexible hours, the convenience of being close to campus and the positive work environment. 

While I am still undecided of what I want to do after I graduate in May, I know I will be able to use the knowledge and skills I have gained at EKU to my advantage. 

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