Movie Filmed at EKU Opens Doors of Opportunities for Students

Published on August 02, 2023

The campus of Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is to be featured in a made-for-tv movie, giving the EKU and Richmond community a chance to experience filmmaking. When the independent film crew needed extras, a record 2,400 students, faculty, staff and community members signed up. Some students even had the opportunity to fill key positions and gain behind-the-scenes experience. 

Sophomore Samiera Brown started as an extra on the film set. After noticing her eagerness by showing up every day and staying into the night, she was asked to be a production assistant. Behind the scenes, Brown assisted the production crew in making and moving sets, as well as helping the main crew with wardrobe, makeup and any other needs. 

“This experience has encouraged me to pursue my dreams as well as my career,” she said.

With a one-year-old daughter, Brown chose to attend EKU because of the resources and support available to parents. She is pursuing a social work major and is involved with the theater department as a performing arts minor. Aspiring to become an actress, director and scriptwriter, she jumped at the opportunity to be part of the movie. 

In addition to learning about the industry and behind-the-scenes work, Brown said, “The film that has been brought to EKU has most importantly taught me how to be motivated in areas of your life even when there's no motivation around you and you don’t see opportunities to reach your dreams.” 

With the unique experience of filmmaking now added to her resume, as well as a network of connections, future opportunities within the industry are more likely for Brown. 

The filming on EKU’s campus began on July 10 and concluded on July 26. The film crew shot scenes across campus including North Hall, Case Dining Hall, Powell Building, Coates Building, Sullivan Hall, Arlington, the Ravine and the Taylor Fork Ecological Area.