A Day in the Life of Student Housing Representative Torrey White

Published on September 28, 2023

By Lexie McClendon

Housing at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) has been an integral part of student Torrey White’s Eastern experience. Beyond being her home away from home—like it is for many students—White also found a fulfilling student worker position with Housing & Residence Life. The senior homeland security and criminal justice double major has been working for housing since her freshman year and is currently a housing representative.

“My former residence hall coordinator told me I should be a residence advisor. I filled out the application but instead decided to be a community receptionist over the summer. After that, I was placed in the housing office and it has been great ever since,” White said.  

After graduating, White plans to pursue a master’s degree and continue in her current position with housing. Her long-term goal is to go into federal work. White says working in housing has helped her improve both communication and technical skills that will be useful in her future career. 

“We can always count on Torrey. She is so very cheerful and always ready to lend a hand. She is also very self-motivated—if she sees something that needs to be done, she does it without having to ask,” said Jeanette Crabtree, university housing office manager.

A typical workday for White includes picking up mail for the office and handing out flyers and letters to the residence halls. She occasionally covers the front desk to answer the phone, as well as helps the housing technicians. 

Crabtree said White assists with many different projects in the office. It proves to be of great help, Crabtree says, as White’s assistance frees up the housing staff so they can focus more on student needs. With the variety of White’s work, the duties change from day to day, but she specifically enjoys working with the staff on a daily basis. 

“My proudest moment while working in this position hasn’t been just one thing, it has been the whole job itself and being able to help the office,” said White. 

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