Patterson Scholars for 2015-16 Selected

Published on October 02, 2015

Twenty-five Eastern Kentucky University students in the Department of Management, Marketing and International Business were awarded the Patterson Scholarship for the 2015-2016 school year.

Since its establishment in 1997, the Patterson Scholarship has been made available to student applicants who have already declared a major in business and marketing education, general business, management or marketing.

Students awarded:

·         Brianna Saylor, junior, management, Berea, Kentucky

·         Shelby Turner, freshman, marketing, Berea, Kentucky

·         Marsha Hardesty, junior, marketing, Brandenburg, Kentucky

·         Ray Moehlman, junior, marketing/PGM, Erlanger, Kentucky

·         Austin Molen, senior, marketing/PGM, Florence, Kentucky

·         Brandon Peege, freshman, marketing, Goshen, Kentucky

·         Katie Beck, senior, general business, Guston, Kentucky

·         Victoria Dircksen, senior, marketing research and analytics, Louisville, Kentucky

·         Tim Lumbrix, sophomore, general business, Louisville, Kentucky

·         Madison Harris, freshman, entrepreneurship, Olive Hill, Kentucky

·         Daniel Bevins, junior, general business, Pikeville, Kentucky

·         Dalton Stanley, junior, management, Pikeville, Kentucky

·         Rachel Droege, junior, marketing, Richmond, Kentucky

·         Sarah Franklin, senior, management, Richmond, Kentucky

·         Lucinda Burkhart, freshman, music marketing, Stoney Fork, Kentucky

·         Jeremy Gregory, freshman, marketing/PGM, Algonquin, Illinois

·         Anthony Barrett, junior, marketing/PGM, Effingham, Illinois

·         Ross Holtsclaw, senior, marketing/ PGM and management, Fort Wayne, Indiana

·         Jacob Bennett, freshman, marketing/PGM, Sharpsville, Indiana

·         Brennan McMullen, freshman, marketing/PGM, Lavale, Maryland

·         Kim Smith, junior, international business, Phoenix, New York

·         Zach Amsler, freshman, marketing/PGM, Miamisburg, Ohio

·         Craig Hicks, senior, marketing/PGM, Aylette, Virginia

·         Karlee Tanel, junior, international business, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

·         Jordan Koeller, junior, PGA/golf management, New London, Wisconsin

Each student will be awarded $1,500 per semester for two semesters. Scholarship requirements include a minimum ACT score of 24 and a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Applicants had to submit three letters of reference. Consideration is also given to evidence of leadership.

The scholarship may be renewed annually, but the endowment is conditional upon student involvement in the areas of academics, leadership, networking, recruitment and service. Each Patterson Scholar is required to attend at least one Spotlight event or other department recuitment event to meet with students and answer questions about management, marketing and international business to fulfill the service obligation.

Student Scholars are also expected to take on leadership roles in campus student organizations and strive to maintain a high level of academic success.

“They are the face of the department,” said Beth Polin, chair of the Patterson Scholarship Committee.