E3 Brings Students Together

Published on April 20, 2022

Last fall, EKU launched the Exceptional Eastern Experience (E3)—a series of events and programs for students to connect with each other and the campus community. In addition to traditional events like Rec the Ravine and CityFest, students were invited to a J.D. Shelburne concert in September and a students-only T-Pain concert in November.

TPain“My favorite event so far, without question, was the T-Pain concert held in the Center for the Arts,” said Student Government Association President Jenna Grace Smith. “Students lined up and waited outside the venue for hours, and because the concert was exclusive to undergraduates, it was a special experience for many of us who have come through Eastern together since freshman year.”

Dr. Tanlee Wasson, senior vice president for student success,engagement and opportunity, stated, “Every time we offer an E3 opportunity, students have responded by showing up and engaging. Their excitement shows how important these types of experiences are to them.”

For the spring semester, E3 highlights include the MLK Day Celebration, singer-songwriter JP Saxe, athletic events and various other opportunities for students to build and strengthen connections on campus.

Students in Ravine“Research shows that students who find a sense of belongingon campus excel inside and outside of the classroom,” said Dr. Dannie Moore, vice president of student life and chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer. “E3 is intentionally creating an engaging campus life where all students feel as if they belong at EKU.”