Criminal Justice Program Helped Prepare Student for Colonels at the Capitol Internship

Published on May 10, 2023

By Makenzie Winkler

Layla Alzatout

Students in Eastern Kentucky University’s Colonels at the Capitol Internship Program (CCIP) gain hands-on knowledge of the state’s political process while developing professional skills through research, communication and networking.

Layla Alzatout, one of this year’s interns, spends two days a week at the Kentucky State Capitol working with Representative Keturah Herron. Herron graduated from EKU with a master’s in corrections and juvenile justice in 2009. 

Alzatout said, “It's been really great to learn from her, because I feel like she cares about a lot of issues that I am also passionate about.” 

Alzatout is a junior criminal justice and philosophy major from Florence, Kentucky. She says her studies in criminal justice and pre-law helped prepare her for the internship. 

“I have focused on criminal justice since my freshman year of college, so I had a decent scope of knowledge relating to reform necessary in improving the justice system,” she said. “In addition, my pre-law classes have helped tremendously in preparing me for the research side of the internship, such as being able to understand statutes and legal writing.”

Alzatout plans to attend law school following graduation from EKU. She said that being selected for the internship has been her proudest moment as an EKU Colonel.

“The best part of participating in this internship has been meeting and working with so many advocacy groups,” Alzatout said. “It is empowering to see passionate people of all ages come out to use their voices on issues that are most important to them.”

Eastern Kentucky University juniors and seniors with a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.2 major GPA and who have completed POL 101: Introduction to American Government are eligible to apply for the CCIP. Visit for more information on the CCIP.