A Day in the Life of Lexie Barth: EKU Presidential Office Student Assistant

Published on May 06, 2024

By Evan Bentley

Lexie Barth, a senior public relations major, has gained valuable experience while working as the student assistant in the President’s Office at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU). Reporting to the president's manager, the executive director of the president’s office, and chief of staff, Barth gets unique insight into how a university operates at its highest levels.

“As an institution of higher education, it is our responsibility to make sure graduates are prepared for the workforce, and student employment offers the perfect opportunity. Our student employees not only contribute to the smooth operations of our university but also gain valuable experience and skills for their future careers,” said EKU President David McFaddin. “We’ve been fortunate to have Lexie working in our office for nearly two years and are impressed by her professionalism, commitment and support for EKU. We know she will go on to have a successful public relations career and am hopeful that her experience working in our office will be the springboard for her career growth.”

Barth’s work environment is a blend of clerical duties and strategic projects. Additionally, she writes EKU stories, conducts research and contributes to high-level projects. What makes her role fulfilling is the hands-on experience she gains with upper management. 

While working in this position, Barth discovered a supportive environment and the genuine care the university’s leadership has for students, stating, “The people that are running the university genuinely care about the students and their well-being, and they want you to be successful.” 

Whether it's assisting with daily tasks or working on upcoming projects, Barth says the most rewarding moments come when results validate the hard work she puts into the projects.

As Barth reflects on her achievements, she is proud of the projects she's been a part of, especially those with positive outcomes after months of anticipation. Looking ahead, her goals include taking on additional projects and stories and ensuring a smooth transition for the next person in her position.

While a student at EKU, Barth has been involved on campus as a first-year leader and Student Alumni Ambassador (SAA), where she served as the public relations chair. 

“I am grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way over these past three years,” she said.

As she gears up for graduation, Barth hopes to leave a lasting impact and set the stage for her successor. Her long-term career goals include leveraging the diverse skills she's acquired and applying them to internal and external communications, corporate social responsibility and community engagement.

Barth's journey as a presidential office student assistant displays the blend of passion, hard work and continuous learning that outlines her experience at EKU, highlighting the importance of seizing opportunity and embracing every aspect of her college career.

As the School of Opportunity and Employer of Choice, EKU provides many opportunities for students to apply skills and knowledge through campus employment positions. From assisting athletics to assisting the president of the university, a variety of student employment positions offer valuable learning experiences beyond the classroom. Learn more about student employment opportunities at EKU.