A Day in the Life: Student Life Assistant Carson England Commits to Community and Leadership at EKU

Published on November 13, 2023

By Evan Bentley

Carson England, a senior from Paducah, Kentucky, has become a significant presence on campus, including being crowned as Eastern Kentucky University’s (EKU) 2023 Homecoming King! England actively participates in campus life through his involvement in the Sigma Nu fraternity, the Maroon Platoon student organization dedicated to school spirit, and serving as a Student Life and FYE (First-Year Experience) student assistant. Through his student employment position, England gets opportunities for experience in many different areas, like event planning with the Fraternity and Sorority Life office and providing excellent customer service to fellow students.

England's work showcases his dedication to fostering an exciting campus environment. Each morning, England arrives on campus with a sense of purpose, ready to approach the challenges and opportunities that come his way.

“As a student worker for Student Life, we are an office working on day-to-day operations, whether that be planning for upcoming events, working alongside staff, or helping students find places on campus,” said England.

As an aerospace management major and political science minor, England’s role of Student Life and FYE student assistant has provided him with skills to benefit him both professionally and academically.

England plans to pursue a master’s degree in public administration or business following graduation and eventually wants to work at an airport in marketing and sales. He said, “The university has helped me tremendously with getting more comfortable with the public administration side. And this job alone has helped a lot, too.”

England gets to put his creative and organizational abilities to work through his involvement with campus events like concerts put on through the Exceptional Eastern Experience (E3) and community-building activities.

“I was helping with security and checkpoints at those concerts,” said England. He also helped to set up for the annual Corn Roast, held during Homecoming week.

Moreover, England's dedication to helping his fellow students shows through his involvement in operations like Colonel’s Cupboard and Closet TransForm. Colonel’s Cupboard assists students who may be experiencing food insecurity, providing food and toiletry items. Closet TransForm, located within the Cupboard, offers clothing for students when needed. His days are often punctuated by moments of compassion, where he helps students access essential resources and ensures their well-being without compromising their privacy.

In addition to his student position, Carson's leadership journey has been further enriched by his active participation in the Sigma Nu fraternity—through embracing the fraternity's values, gaining invaluable experiences and building a network that extends far beyond the campus borders. 

“It’s been great,” he said. “I joined my freshman year and, through that connection, I've gone to conferences all over the United States.”

As England approaches graduation, his story serves as evidence to the impact of dedication, community involvement and higher education. His actions and work show the Colonel spirit of those who aim to make a difference on campus and in their community.

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