A Day in the Life of Student Video Production Assistant Joseph Becher

Published on April 03, 2023

By Makenzie Winkler

Broadcasting and electronic media senior, Joseph Becher, has seen firsthand how Eastern Kentucky University is not only the School of Opportunity, but also the Employer of Choice. Becher works for EKU’s Division of Communications and Brand Management (CBM) as a student video production assistant. 

Becher first started working for CBM in September 2021, at the beginning of his junior year.

“I got lucky with this position. I was walking around campus when I saw a small production team filming,” Becher said. “I recognized some of the equipment they were using, so I talked to them while they were wrapping. From that conversation, I was put in touch with CBM's production manager.”

Becher begins his day getting ready for classes. This semester, Becher’s schedule is filled with video production 3, photojournalism, an eight-week elective course in addictions, an online class in planning, design and maintenance of recreation facilities and senior seminar to meet his final graduation requirements. 

“I chose EKU because they made education and earning my degree an affordable opportunity,” said Becher, who is originally from rural Indiana but came to EKU from Somerset. “I got a scholarship from EKU that made it obtainable.”

By having a lighter course load this semester, Becher says he has enjoyed being able to focus more on his student worker position. His workload typically consists of editing videos, going out on campus to do video shoots with the team and assisting in every part of the video production process. He has covered multiple EKU events, including the T-Pain and Waka Flocka Flame concerts and the Make No Little Plans campaign gala. He’s also had the opportunity to go out on-location in places like The University Club at Arlington, Meadowbrook Farm and the president’s property. In this position, Becher works with the production manager at EKU, Leonard Nave, as well as senior media specialists and the video systems engineer on the CBM team. 

“Some of our projects are simply not possible without the participation of student workers. For example, providing video coverage of our home football games to ESPN and Roy Kidd Stadium requires as many as 12 people both onsite and in the control rooms of the Perkins Building,” Nave explained. “When we have a student who has worked with us as long as Joseph has, the benefits to the team are numerous. Joseph has demonstrated a level of ability that allows us to task him with projects that he can take from concept to completion.”

Becher says the best part about his student worker position—and his proudest moment as an EKU Colonel—is having friends and family see his work “in the wild.” 

“My friends often talk about my camerawork at football games. My family shares the videos I’ve edited for social media, and I've even had strangers approach me because they recognized me from being in ads for the university,” Becher said.

With two years of professional experience now under his academic belt, Becher says he has a better understanding of what is expected of him in the workplace. He has been able to develop and perfect the skills that will be crucial in his future employment. 

“I've already signed a contract for a seasonal, full-time video position in Maine after graduation. I hope to eventually work above-the-line on Hollywood-level cinema productions,” Becher said. “While I’m at EKU, I hope to learn as much as I can from the people here who all have at least a decade more experience than I do.”

As the School of Opportunity and Employer of Choice, EKU offers a wide variety of student employment positions, providing students with valuable learning experiences beyond the classroom. Learn more about student employment opportunities at EKU.