EKU Alum Went From Professional Gamer to Investment Banker

Published on January 04, 2023

David Ge, ’15, began his career in professional gaming, a passion that “was only fun when I had something to prove.” As he made his way to the top and the excitement waned, he came to EKU in his late 20s to pursue a degree in finance and insurance.

Right out of school, an EKU professor connected him to the investment banking field, where Ge focused on mergers and acquisitions and held executive-level positions. Ge also credits mentors Jeff Atkisson of Lexington, Kentucky, and Jon Burke of Atlanta, Georgia, for opening doors of opportunity within the field.

Through his work experiences, Ge realized inefficiencies in the bank lending cycle, leading him to start his own company, fundingverse.com, “to help business owners get money when they need it and how they need it.”

As CEO, the best part, he said, is “helping clients save or grow their business and creating lifelong friendships along the way.”