Quadruplets Share Together in Unique EKU Experiences

Published on June 06, 2023

By Steve Fohl and Sarah Bashford

Within minutes of each other, quadruplets Emma, Kobe, Griffin and Luke Staude were born on January 26, 2003. 

“We shared a lot,” Luke said of the quadruplet experience. Now the quadruplets are sharing together in the Eastern experience, although each with unique and differing interests. 

Emma, the first born of the four, is a broadcasting and electronic media major with a concentration in film techniques. Emma and her friends have already made one indie film and a second is currently being edited. 

Kobe wants to use his future degree in computer science with a concentration in interactive multimedia to work in the video game industry.

Griffin, an EKU distance runner, is majoring in sports management. Alongside his love for running, he has a passion for photography and graphic design. Griffin was named to the ASUN All-Freshmen cross-country team in 2021. In summer 2022, he qualified for the USA Track & Field (USATF) U20 Outdoor Championships, racing the 5,000 meters at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon.

“Every day of training is a puzzle piece to the next big race,” Griffin said. “I enjoy the journey of preparing for that race. When we get to the race, it’s not just me out there, we’re working as a team. Which, if you think about it, can also relate to being a quadruplet.”

The fourth-born of the quadruplets, Luke, is majoring in environmental and applied geology and serves in the National Guard. His favorite pastime at EKU is climbing the rock wall in the Student Recreation Center, “the best rock climbing wall at any college in the state,” he claims.

“Even though we are at the same school, we have enough space to all do our own thing,” Griffin said. 

Although the quadruplets are each pursuing their separate majors and interests, having them nearby brings them comfort.  

“I’ll remember how nice it is to have them on campus and that I can hang out with them whenever I want,” Griffin said. 

The quadruplets aren’t the first of their siblings to attend EKU. Their sister, Gracie Staude, who is three years older, became the first in their family to earn a college degree when she graduated from EKU in 2022. All four of the Staude quadruplets are expected to join Gracie and the Eternal Colonel family when they graduate in 2025.