Senior Receives Business Education Award

Published on November 22, 2016

Eastern Kentucky University senior Tina Tipton, of Pineville, recently received the National Business Education Award (NBEA) of Merit for outstanding achievement in business education.

The NBEA Professional Awards Program recognizes young business educators for their high academic standards. Tipton, a business and marketing education major, was nominated for the award by her faculty adviser, Dr. Faridah Awang. “As a student, Ms. Tipton is extremely well-organized, detail-oriented, dependable, and responsible,” Awang said. “At the same time, she is patient with her peers, quick to praise and encourage them as she works with them. I believe her personality truly makes her the ideal recipient of this prestigious award.”

Tipton is a single mother of two children and has five grandchildren. She began her non-traditional college education in 1998, earning an associate degree in 2000 before going to work in Bell County, where she has resided for more than 20 years.

Even after returning to work and family life, Tipton didn’t give up on the goal of finishing her four-year degree. “The desire to finish my education stayed with me,” she said. “I am proud to say, today, that desire has become a reality.”

Tipton says she owes much of her success to others who helped her throughout her education. “So many people, especially my children and grandchildren, deserve credit for the sacrifices they made to help me complete my journey,” she said. “The staff and faculty at EKU have played an integral part in my success. Without them, this would not be possible.”

EKU’s School of Business has honored Tipton for her accomplishments by selecting her as the banner bearer for her college’s graduation ceremony in December. “I consider it to be a great honor to be asked to serve as the banner bearer for the Eastern Kentucky University School of Business,” Tipton said.

As a non-traditional student who has received recognition for her accomplishments, Tipton wants to remind others: “It is never too late to accomplish great things. The sacrifices you make and the obstacles you overcome make it that much sweeter. Never give up on your dreams, work to make them a reality.”