PR Interns Assist East Kentucky Leadership Foundation

Published on August 25, 2015

Eastern Kentucky University public relations interns unveiled a newly renovated website for the East Kentucky Leadership Foundation this summer. The EKLF website provides current and past conference information, regional news and information about the EKLF board, as well as past conference archives.

EKU’s public relations interns presented a social media plan and the website proposal for the EKLF at its Board of Directors meeting earlier this summer at the First Federal Center at Hazard Community and Technical College.

The interns also teamed up with the EKLF to create and launch a social media plan and new website. Stacie Lawrence, public relations and Spanish double major, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to present the work that she and public relations intern, Zach Holman created. Both Lawrence and Holman reside in Richmond.

"Attending the EKLF board meeting was a unique opportunity,” Lawrence said. “We were able to present our social media and website proposal while practicing our communication skills and networking with the board members in attendance. I am thankful for the opportunity to work so closely with EKLF and to learn more about the outreach they do."

EKLF Board Chair Peter Hille said that he appreciates the work the interns are putting into the social media plan and website. He praised them for their presentation and offered materials from past EKLF conferences to enhance the new website.

“The East Kentucky Leadership Foundation set a goal this year to increase social media presence for the Foundation and for the East Kentucky Leadership Conference in April,” Hille said. “Thanks to the EKU interns, our Facebook presence has really come alive and we’re excited about the new web page they’re developing for us.”

The new EKLF website is at